Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why am I here...

Well to begin with I am finally working after 3 years.  It is my first job out of college.  I got hired on with my company as a biochemist in March 2011, giving me a week to relocate myself to San Diego.  During this time of employment I have been trying to pay down on my debt while increasing my savings by $1000 a month (for a down payment on a house).  I never thought that homeownership would be possible in Southern California at the age of 30, especially since I am 28 years old now.  But after crunching the numbers and finding new real estate prices I realize that it is possible.  I just need to buckle down and be more proactive on saving my money but not avoiding my debt. 

Starting next semester I will be starting real estate classes, I believe that it is important to understand what you are doing before you invest your money and self into such a long term investment.  I really wish I understood stocks better, if I did I might actually invest in it and making some money in it.  I am only saying that because I had two good calls that I would be a well off girl if I actually bought. O well.

Basically I created this blog to track my spending and keep me honest.  In a later post I will be laying out all the numbers I just have to put everything together.

I know that one of my major costs is food.  I am a Sprouts Farmers Market junky.  I know that I could eat for a lot cheaper but I also remember when I was buying from coupons and such I ended up eating junk that put my weight close to 250 lb.  Now after a lot of work and the help of Weight Watchers I am at around 200 lbs and still losing. 

I did end up getting the paper today (Sunday) and tried doing the ads and coupon thing.  I have no clue how the extreme couponers do it.  Maybe I just have not found a good method for comparing prices and coupons.  But I will keep trying.

I am looking forward to hearing questions, insight and ideas on how everyone else seems to manage frugal life.

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